Bhapa Chingri ( Steamed Prawns)

This is a traditional Bengali recipe, from eastern India. This is one of those rare dishes which you will never find in Indian restaurants specially in the UK, infact it is hard to find this dish even in restaurants in other parts of India except West Bengal (Kolkata).

I stole this recipe from my mom but I added my own flavor to it as always.


Tiger or King Prawns (500 grams)
Mustard Oil ( 2 Tbs)
Mustard Paste ( 2 Tbs)
Poppy seed paste (1 Tbs)
Coconut Creme ( 3 Tbs)
Ginger Paste ( 1 Tbs)
Fresh green cillies (2 )
Cinamon sticks (1)
Turmeric paste/powder (1 tsp)
Red chilly powder/ paste (1/4 tsp)

  • Peel and wash the prawns
  • Put the rest of the ingredients in a grinder and make a creamy smooth paste
  • Add the prawn to the scauce in a air tight microwaveable container
  • Place that container on top of a bigger container which is filled with water 
  • Then place the whole thing in the microwave and put it on timer for 10 mins
Your steamed prawns or bhapa chingri is ready to be served with boiled rice.

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  1. wow have to try this

    1. shrimoyee says:

      Thanks šŸ™‚ Do let me know if you do! It’s a very simple but delicious dish!

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