London Fashion Week 2014

Whoever said food bloggers can’t go for fashion week should be shot (okay maybe no one said that).

So I got an opportunity to attend the London Fashion Week 2014 last week – definitely one of the most fashionable experiences of my life. But when you get invited to one of the biggest fashion extravaganza in the world the pressure is immense and the question – ‘what should I wear?’ has never sounded more serious! When its the Fashion Week you know you need to make an effort (or more than that), but guess what? My mind stops working in situations like these and for some reason I don’t manage to find any dress in my wardrobe which I quite like – ah typical girl problems. Anyway I did manage to throw this old steel colored dress on and thought of going for the whole red and steel combination (it’s my made up fashion) and being utterly safe and definitely boring compared to the fashionistas! 

Somerset house has never looked more glamorous or star studded ever before – yes I did spot some celebs! Bradley – Oh so HOT – Cooper and Stella MacCartney. I possibly spotted others too but just did not recognize – not great with this celeb spotting game! I managed to watch two shows too – Ashish show at Tate, which was incredible and Saide Clayton at this vintage Church! 

Here are some of the pictures from fashion week! 

This is my famous steel and red look I was mentioning earlier 😉 


Shrimoyee Chakraborty
Shrimoyee Chakraborty

Right after my friend took this photograph, I got asked by a Paparazzi if i was Padma Laxmi (She is an Indian super model but is around 48 years old now) so I didn’t know if I wanted to slap that guy or hug him! Well I went with a smile and no I am not at this instance. 




The Exhibitions 




Saide Clayton Show 





Ashish Show at Tate Modern




Okay, I had to take a selfie 😉 

Shrimoyee – LFW2014




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