Get paid to travel and write an Asian cook book!


A big shout out to all my fellow foodies!

What if someone paid you to go anywhere in Asia and research for your own cookbook? Sounds too good to be true? Well Asia House hosts The Yan-Kit So Memorial Award for every year to assist armature chefs (like me and you, if you are also like me) who are interested in writing about Asian cuisine.

This award is offered in memory of Yan-Kit So (1933-2001) – Britain’s leading authority on Chinese cuisine. A tireless promoter of food in Asia, her first book The Classic Chinese Cookbook (1984) went on to win major awards such as the prestigious André Simon Awards and Glenfiddich Award for the Best Food Book of the Year.

You can find the application download form and more information on the Asia House website.


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  1. Aslik says:

    Its really interesting idea!

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