Meat and Gin Feast at Manhattan Grill

Being a food blogger (part time) has it’s perks every now and again.. wondering how? Well I do get food vouchers worth 120 (pounds) every now and again from the lovely folks at Zomato, or get invited by Bacardi for their launch party.. ok ok I shall stop showing off now!

Look at me posing below like a pro foodie!

Shrimoyee Chakraborty

Manhattan Grill is one of the few places which ranks in my ‘5 Star’ rating zone, read on for why it is so..

I am more of a West London girl and I like the Victorian and Georgian buildings but the walk to Manhattan Grill, especially the pretty bridge you have to cross from Canary Wharf to reach your destination (Manhattan Grill) is extremely romantic (that is the best word I could use, I promise). The external ambience of any restaurant does add to its charm. Oh did I mention that this steak house is a part of Mariott, these guys are ace when it comes to such things! — 1 STAR!

I made a reservation before going and I was extremely delighted to see that the manager remembered my name without having to look at one of those black diaries. The service was a bit slow initially (it took them a while to get us water which we requested for) but the overall service made up for that little jolt. I was generous to take a friend of mine along with me (nothing is worse than eating alone, I promise) to try this place (did I mention that I won a voucher from this lovely site? Woohoo Zomato!) and we decided to go for cocktails instead of wine, think we both had enough of wine over the weekend.
While I was trying to carefully pick a cocktail from the menu and looking rather confused, the manager suggested that we head to the bar where an extremely experienced bar-genius will talk us through all of them. We made our way to a very old fashioned (in a nice way) looking bar called the G&T bar and as the name suggests they specialise in Gin. The bar-genius, Sam made us try some lovely Gin from around the world – Saffron infused, Spice route and a very London Gin. All of them had their own distinctive tastes – I am not a neat spirit kind of girl but even I loved all of them especially the silk route or spice route one (yeah yeah make those lame curry jokes, go on) because I could taste the cinnamon, cardamom and other gorgeous spices. He made me a cocktail with that spicy spirit and added some more exciting things to it which included rosemary, chocolate and orange liquor – BLISS. Before entering the restaurant I was starving but all this alcohol excitement made me forget my hunger but by the time my cocktail was ready the waiter came and said : ‘Madam your Steak is ready’ – Perfect Timing! — 2 STARS!
I went for the rib eye steak with creamy mash and red wine sauce – keep it simple! My steak was perfectly cooked – medium well (just the way I like) and it was MASSIVE! A person with my appetite can never finish one of those, and needless to say I didn’t either! After being rather satisfied with my steak and cocktail, we ordered for a Manhattan Raspberry Cheesecake – It was again simple but delicious. Perfect sweetness, I don’t like my cheesecakes to be extremely sugary and a generous crust – nom nom nom. — 2 STARS!

And… I am running out of stars! 5 Stars??? Yes I do feel generous sometimes, unlike the teachers in high school who never wanted to shell out that extra half a mark for a spelling mistake.

Verdict : Stunning location, Great service, Knowledgeable bar genius with a great moustache, Beautiful,well done meat and yummy desserts – That m’dear is a perfect dinner!
I shall rest my case here.



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