Eating, Drinking and Road Tripping in USA

New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas – Till last month, I used to only romanticise about these cities while watching movies and TV series. Woody Allen made me fall in love with New York and Entourage/Californication (TV series, if you haven’t seen them, you must) made me drool over California. So a couple of months back I decided to travel across USA and visit all these cities and more in just under a month all by myself. The whole idea was to meet as many new people as possible and obviously eat and drink while doing so.

So I am going to give you a virtual food tour of all the cities I visited..

San Francisco (Round 1)

I landed in San Francisco first and then flew to New York the very next day only to come back in SF in 5 days – Yes, I know I am an Idiot but hey the flights were cheaper that way! So all I could do was literally have a cup of coffee and some snacks in this round!

Shrimoyee, Philz Coffee, San Francisco
Philz Coffee

New York 

New York as they say is a foodie heaven. The highlights for me were – spicy chicken wings at west village, Vietnamese noodle soup at China Town, Halal Brothers ,Rice on Lamb supposed to be the best street food in NYC and a gorgeous Greek Meal at Hotel Wellington in Midtown.


San Francisco (Round 2)

This trip was mostly about drinking and (some) eating but the highlight was meeting locals and hanging out with them!


Los Angeles/ San Diego

LA and San Diego was stunning, a very good friend John and his family hosted me there and showed me around. My highlights were : Live and fresh oysters, Champagne breakfast, Fruits with chilli powder on the beach, Wilson Creek Vineyard and home made steak made by John’s mum! And I went to Hooters – YAY!


Las Vegas

I was at Vegas with a friend who is a professional Poker player hence my this trip was filled with champagne, Michelin Star restaurants, clubs and limo – This is NOT my usual lifestyle (I wish it was).

Highlight : Room service breakfast, best thing ever when you are hungover!



Road Trip from Vegas to San Francisco 

This was the best part of my holiday, driving through the pacific coast highway. We stopped at random places to have the real Californian food – burgers, sandwiches and beers! And we rented a Ford Mustang (Hollywood movies are to be blamed) but hey, it was fun! We did have a very good dinner on the last day at this French- Asian restaurant called Ame in San Francisco!


My favourite city definitely was San Francisco – love the vibe, the people and the sunshine!


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