Calcutta Street – Bollywood Special at Southbank

Hello everyone!

I will be popping up again this weekend (23rd and 24th May) at Southbank at Bollywood Fever festival. I will be serving quintessential Calcutta Street Food including – Doi Phuchka (Pani puri with potato, yogurt, tamarind chutney and coriander); Churmur (Crunchy broken puri with potato, black chick peas and tamarind – very tangy) and Doi Aam (fresh alphonso mangoes with sweetened yogurt and cream – nomnom).

I shall post recipes for all of them very soon! And do drop in and say hello to me at the Calcutta Street Photo-booth too if you are in the area!


Calcutta Street Bollywood Special
Calcutta Street Bollywood Special





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