Avocado Ceviche

Seems like I managed to keep up with two posts of my salads back to back. Reality is I make a salad everyday but wearing a lipstick and taking photos is definitely not something I manage to do everyday but it definitely helps beat the awful winter lockdown blues!

Here’s a #vegansalad

Make a bed of avocado 🥑(diced), sliced kiwis 🥝 , finely chopped bell peppers (I used the yellow ones to add some colour) , thinly sliced red onions and Cherry tomatoes 🍅. Sprinkle some sea salt or rock salt (pink salt).

Dressing – lime juice and a good quality olive oil.

Toppings – Sesame seeds, finely chopped red 🌶(to add colour again), fresh coriander and finely chopped chives or salad onions.

Hope you enjoy it and try it. These are really 0 effort recipes which hardly takes any time but looks great and tastes amazing oh and did I forget it’s super healthy too?


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