Salad Series

Here are a series of Salad recipes that I have been developing. These are very easy but decadent salads and are perfect as a side or your main meal.

Ham and Olive Salad

This one is quite a decadent salad filled with meat, cheese and gorgeous veggies. Extremely simple to assemble and definitely a perfect starter for any dinner party. I’ve added my Indian touch with raw mustard oil.

Salad bed – Mozzarella sliced, tomatoes 🍅 , cucumber 🥒 , olive, Parma ham, chorizo, hazelnuts, almonds and fresh basil leaves.

Dressing – Mustard oil mixed with olive oil, finely chopped garlic 🧄, sea salt and lemon 🍋 juice. Sprinkle some dried herbs on top.

It was so simple but such a winner, the plate was polished off in seconds by both my Bengali mum and Belgian partner. And trust me it’s hard to please both of them with one dish as they have very different food tastes.

Let me know what you think of this one and if you like it please comment, like, share 🙂 It helps me keep motivated to do more of these posts with an infant and in lockdown.


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