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Shrimoyee Chakraborty

A pinch of salt makes all the difference in a dish, but a a tad bit of extra sugar doesn’t really harm..does it??

I am Shrimoyee but people usually call me Shrim, Shrimpy, Shrimmy (take your pick, I have stopped getting offended) came to UK  in 2010 with 7 suitcases and a bag full of spices to pursue my Masters degree from Manchester Business School. While I was in Uni, and had no money but also craved a great meal everyday (greedy, I know) I started cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. Seems like most of my experiments weren’t utter disasters and soon my kitchen became like a supper club where I was cooking for my friends all the time. Soon enough I started getting invited to dinner parties so that I could help them with the cooking. One fine christmas Gail Jee (Mum of the fellow I was dating then) suggested that I should start making cooking videos and boom I decided to start this blog! I started filming the videos with my faithful macbook webcam (as you can see my earlier videos were hideous to say the least) and then some friends with professional camera’s decided to take pity on me and film my videos.

Since then, I have worked with The Sunday Times, written for several food websites and also appeared on a few food shows for Channel 4. Besides being a food blogger, I work in Marketing during the day – had to make use of my degree you know.

Hope you enjoy the blog and let me know your thoughts (how bad or good it is)

I also make short films and documentaries (Noting professional yet), this is one of the documentaries I made last year (2011) with Daniel Morrell.

If you have any questions, comments or simply just wanna have a chat drop me an email on shrimoyee.chak@gmail.com or connect with me on social media channels. I love talking!

Twitter – @shrimoyeec

Facebook Page 

You can also read my restaurant reviews on Yelp and Zomato 


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