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I grew up in Calcutta, the cultural capital of India,  where my mother taught me to cook at an early age. Relocating to the UK to study for a master’s degree at Manchester Business School, I found myself hosting a mini supper club for my fellow students and set up a this blog. Moving to London, I was shocked to find that authentic Calcutta food was almost impossible to find. Determined to redress this, I launched a series of London pop-ups in 2015 starting with Camden and this led to several articles in newspapers and magazines which gave me the confidence to quit my day job at an economic think tank in to following my love of food and I decided to cook full-time. I raised funding and opened my first restaurant, Calcutta Street, in Fitzrovia in July 2016 and following that Calcutta Street Brixton opened in June 2017.

I have since then moved on to production and presenting,  I have produced several ads and shoots for brands including Taster, Uber Eats, Antstream arcade and other brands in London. I also made several television and radio appearances for shows on Channel 4, BBC, Soho Radio. I have just finished producing and presenting a pilot for a documentary series about exploring the Indian middle class through food. I regularly present and produce content for Tastemade and Food Network as well as other brands and recently got featured in an ad film for a global food brand Knorr owned by Unilever. 

I have been extremely fortunate to be featured in publications from the Independent to the Financial Times, the Telegraph and Grazia, and Calcutta Street has been lauded by globally-recognised food critics.

This blog is where my food journey started and where I scribble my notes and recipes. I hope you enjoy the recipes and my crazy adventure. I have been AWOL from my blog for a while and have again started building it up.

You can also find me on  Instagram – @shrimoyeec

Thanks for visiting my website.


Shrim xx

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