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Friday evenings with Calcutta Street at Woodlands

I know I have been MIA (yeah I recently discovered this modern day lingo – Missing in action) but that is because a lot has been happening recently. I went back to Calcutta for the first time after I started Calcutta Street, and I thought it would be a nice idea to film a video there to give you a taste of REAL Calcutta. So I headed to The Hope Foundation Cafe in Calcutta and hosted a special PopUp with the girls (who have been rescued by The Hope Foundation and are now independent women) there.

However I have an exciting news to share – Now you can visit my Calcutta Street PopUps every Friday evenings at Woodlands Restaurant, Marylebone. So all those people who missed out on the PopUp’s due to date issues as it was just once a month you have no more excuses  now.

I will be making one exclusive Bengali Dish every Friday evening and you can’t start the weekend without Cocktails so I will be making some of those too 🙂

Here is the Menu:

Calcutta Street x Woodlands
Calcutta Street x Woodlands

Here are some photographs from the first week!

The menu was : Luchi – Alur Dum (Puffed Bread with Slow cooked potatoes with bengali spices) along with special cocktails – Rum Chai, Fresh off the boat and Maharaja Fashioned. You can find the recipe on the video above 🙂



Eating away in India

I just got back from a month long holiday in India (Kolkata and Bombay) to visit my friends and family and hence have been away from the bloggosphere for a bit. Now that I am back I thought of sharing some exquisite dishes from India with you people which are my favourite. 

Lets start with my personal favourite street food, Phuchka also known as Pani puri, sev puri etc in different parts of India.


These are tiny little fluffed delightful pancakes with a spicy and tangy potato filling dipped in spicy and sweet tamarind water. I barely know anyone who can resist these little balls of heaven! 

Second is Chello Kebab which is a dish available in one of the oldest restaurants of Calcutta (Kolkata) called Peter Cat.


This is a very unique yet simple dish, it essentially has boiled rice in the center with a dollop of butter on it, on one there are some chicken reshmi kebabs and the other side has lamb sikh kebabs which you can quite easily grill at home or just buy frozen ones from Sainsbury and stick it in the oven. It is garnished with some veggies( Tomato, Carrots and Peas) and a fried egg on top. This might be simple but its such a tasty and filling meal! 

Finally its time for something sweet and whats better than some mouth watering Cup cakes?? LSD (Love Sugar Dough) is one of my favourite cup cake joint in India. it is a tiny little shop in Bandra area of Bombay but its so popular that people travel for hours just to buy cup cakes from there. They boast of quite a celebrity studded client list! Take a look at these cup cakes and tell me you are not tempted to grab one of these! 


And finally thats me having a lemon cooler from Candies (Anather favourite) to beat the heat in India!!! 😀 


So incase you are planning a trip to India definitely try these dishes its a mecca for the foodies!