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Calcutta Street Food Pop Up (Camden)

After a month of running around, stress, promotions and a LOT of cooking finally my first Pop Up was launched at Zensai bar in Camden. I am overjoyed by the response as it was my first pop up and I wasn’t exactly expecting a lot of people to turn up, but to my surprise (an extremely pleasant one) there were more than 80 people. I apologise to all the people who had to wait for a while for the food (I will have more help next time).

Oh I also got some press coverage from The Asian Voice 

Asian Voice – Shrimoyee AV_P15

Asian Voice - Shrimoyee, Calcutta Street Food Pop Up
Asian Voice – Shrimoyee



Calcutta Street
Calcutta Street

I wanted to share some of the photo’s from the event with all of you from the day!

I hope to see some of you at my next one, I shall let you know about the date and time! 🙂


Shrim xx

Minced Lamb Curry (Lamb Keema)

Minced Lamb Curry, Indian Curry, Indian Food, Food blog, Shrimoyee
Minced Lamb Curry by Shrimoyee

I am a total sucker for red meat, be it lamb, beef or mutton I love them all! But one thing that puts me off cooking red meat is the amount of time it takes to cook the meat. Hence I came up with an alternative idea of making minced lamb/ beef when I am in a rush to satifsfy my taste buds, because it not only cooks super fast but also saves me the hassle of chopping the meat! 😀

Minced Lamb curry has always been an instant hit not just for me but also my office colleagues and friends, they all love it when I make that for lunch! But the secret is it just takes me 20 mins to make that.


500 gm Minced Lamb

4 Tbs Yogurt

2 tbs garam masala powder

1 green chilly chopped

1 Egg

2 fresh tomatos (chopped)

1 tea spoon of salt

2 boiled potatoes (chopped)

3 tbs sunflower oil/ vegetable oil/ olive oil

1/2 tea spoon chilly powder

1 onion chopped/grated

1 tbs garlic and ginger paste

Handfull of chopped corriander

Lamb, Minced, Curry, Indian Food, Food, Blog, Shrimoyee
Cooking Lamb


Marinate the minced lamb with Yogurt, Garam Masala and Salt

Heat oil in a pan and saute the ginger, garlic and onions

Add the marinated minced lamb mix to this now and cook it for about 5 minutes

Then add the tomatoes, potatoes and chilly powder

Fry the egg and scramble in a separate pan with a bit of oil and then add the egg into the main curry with the lamb and mix it.

Finally add the chopped corriander to garnish it and serve it hot with boiled rice/ bread/ naan.

Minced Lamb, Curry, Lamb Curry, Indian Curry, Indian Food, Shrimoyee
Minced Lamb Curry

Hope you will try it yourself and let me know your thoughts! I am a massive chatter box and always love to talk about food! 🙂 Do drop me a line and if you like the post dont forget to share it with your friends on FB/Twitter/Pinterest! 🙂



Lamb Biriyani (Calcutta style)

Biriyani was a dish originated in Iran and travelled to the Indian subcontinent with the Iranian travellers. In India we have several variants of biriyanis. I grew up in Kolkata (Original Capital of India by the British) and the Calcutta Biriyani in the list of famous Biriyanis and is definitely my favourite one, this style biryani evolved from the Lucknow style when Wajid Ali Shah, the last nawab of Awadh was exiled in 1856 in Kolkata. But he did not forget bringing his personal Chef with him as he was very particular about his food. Due to recession aloo (potato) had been used instead of meat. Later on that has become the specificity of Calcutta Biryani, though meat is also served along with it. In addition, this biryani is much lighter on spices than compared to other Biryani’s.

I thought a little history about this finger licking dish would be a good piece of trivia to brag to your friends about when you next time visit an Indian restaurant.

So let’s take a look at the ingredients we need for this:

3/4th Kilo Lamb

4 Big Potatoes, half boiled and diced into big chunks

4 cups of basmati rice

3 Table Spoon Garam Masala Powder

2 cups of yogurt

2 Tablespoon Ginger Garlic paste

3 Onions chopped

Couple of cinnamon sticks and cardamom

Few strands of saffron

1 glass of Milk

5 Table spoon of Ghee (Indian Butter)

  • Fry the onions till golden in ½ table spoon of ghee and keep it aside in a container
  • Use the same ghee to fry the half boiled potatoes
  • Marinate the lamb with yogurt, garam masala, salt, ginger garlic paste for atleast a few hours if not overnight.
  • Pour this marinated lamb mixture into heated up ghee and let it boil in low temperature, till the lambs are soft and tender.
  • Half boil the rice with the cinnamon and cardamom
  • Once the lamb is boiled, take a big container and mix the half boiled rice, fried onions, fried potatoes and the boiled lamb together in the rest of the ghee (4 table spoon or more if you like it to be more rich)
  • Then add the milk and saffron to it and cover the container and let it cook in very low heat for 30 mins and give it occasional stir.
  • Once the rice and potatoes are boiled and the milk has soaked in, your biriyani is ready to be served.

This is a long process I agree but trust me the effort is so worth it because I can promise this is definitely going to be one of the best meals you’ve ever had!