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Calcutta Street Summer Party – Pelt Trader

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” –  I agree with Henry James and what is even better is Saturday Summer Afternoon!

We are celebrating 6 months  of Calcutta Street with a Summer Party – 1st August, Saturday 12pm – 4 pm at Pelt Trader craft beer bar in the city. The menu is very Summery and fresh with goodies like Prawns, Lentil soups, Yogurt, Tamarind. It is a 3 course menu with artisan beer pairing with each course. Yes, you heard that right – craft beer pairing with Indian food! Mark from Pelt Trader does know his beer really well and I am excited with the pairings he has done. There will also be live music by the very talented blues and country singer Charlie Walker!

This Pop up is also right after my 26th Birthday (Yes, I have stepped on the wrong side of 20) so you can always drop by to wish me Happy Birthday and try my special dessert – my mum used to make this for me on every birthday of mine. I am making few of my personal favourite dishes like Prawn Malai Curry, Simui Payesh (Kheer), Doi Phuchka, Paneer Posto. I am certain you won’t find most of these dishes in any London restaurant.



Doi Phuchka, Crispy semolina balls with potato, black chick pea, tamarind and yogurt filling. Very refreshing and Tangy – perfect for a summer snack. 

VP or Vivekananda Park in Calcutta has some of the best Doi Phuchka stalls where most bengali youngsters crowd every evening for the tangy snack with some lebu cha (lemon tea) and a cigarette or some good old grass.


Musurir Dal with Gondhoraj Lebu, Boiled red lentils cooked with a slight hint of spice, nigella seeds, fresh green peas, coriander leaves, special scented lemons from bangladesh and a dash of home made ghee – Super heathy and tasty)

Every bengali’s comfort food and a bengali meal is never complete without a serving of Dal and Bhaat. This is the simplest dish ever but very few people get it right.

Chingri macher (Prawn) Malai Curry, Jumbo prawns cooked in a coconut and mustard sauce. 

This is every bengali’s favourite Sunday lunch, no special occasion is complete without this dish. When Rick Stein travelled to Kolkata, he picked this dish as his personal favourite.Prawn is called chingri in bengali.

Paneer Posto, Indian cottage cheese cooked in a nutty, poppy seed paste. This is my own recipe with very bengali ingredients. Contains nuts. 

The most famous poppy seed or posto dish in Calcutta is Aloo Posto, potatoes in poppy seed paste. This is also the favourite dish of Saurav Ganguly the famous Indian cricket team captain who took his shirt off at Lords when India won a match against England and then eventually got suspended. 

All mains served with boiled rice. 


Simui Payesh – Milk pudding with Vermicelli and sugar coated rose petals (served cold)

Since this Pop Up is right after my birthday, I decided to make the dessert which my mum made for me on every birthday of mine. Payesh is a must on birthday’s its meant to be auspicious. 


Mocktail: Aam Pora Shorbot – Smoked Raw mango pulp blended with a spice mix. Perfect cooler on a hot summer day. 

Cocktail: Aam Sura – Aam pora with bacardi. 

We also shot a little video with some of my customers and people who have been associated with Calcutta Street in any way.



I am hoping to see some of you on 1st and please do some and say hello!



Calcutta Street Second Pop Up at Bonnie Gull, Exmouth Market

It was a bright sunny day on April 11 and London was basking in it’s full blown glory – how could I have a better day to host my second Calcutta Street, Seafood special Pop Up? I would love to thank each and every one who attended it and by the looks of it enjoyed my food. There is nothing more satisfying for me than to watch other people enjoy my food – It makes all the 18 hours of cooking and prep totally worth it.

And a massive Hi5 to all the staff at Bonnie Gull for being absolutely fabulous, efficient and super friendly – Makes a sea of a difference! An a bigger Hi5 to Luke Robinson (Head Chef) and Gavin (Exec Chef) for making the whole process so smooth sailing. Finally I can’t thank Cobra Beer and Lord Billimoria enough for sponsoring the beers, they definitely make the food taste better!

I wanted to share the photographs from the day with all of you (who care to read this blog). Hope to see some more of you at my next Pop Up!



Photographs by Kheya Chattopadhyay

My next Pop-Up will be a very special one as it has two of my favourite things Calcutta Food and Jazz (with some Indian instruments like sitar). Save the date!

Calcutta Street Jazz Special – 4th May (6 pm – 9 pm) at Stage 3, Hackney! 

More details to follow soon!


Shrim xx


Calcutta Street – My first Pop Up restaurant

Hello everyone!

After 4 years of blogging, cooking, food reviewing and eating, I have decided to start my own food Pop Up – Calcutta Street – An East Indian Street Food experience. 

Calcutta Street
Calcutta Street

I am cooking along with Asia House resident chef Paul Bloomfield and we are planning to cook up a storm in the kitchen. Steve, the owner and DJ of Zensai will be playing some Bollywood Psyc Funk music – cherry on the cake! So it will be an afternoon of food, drinks and fun!

With this ticket you can have any of the 3 dishes below – The portions are big, I am generous with food 🙂

You can book your tickets here 


Phuchka – the Bengali version of Pani Puri
Bengali Lamb Curry with Potatoes and Luchi (Commonly known as Puri)
Egg Roll – You have seen the video I made?
Pav Bhaji – The Bengali version of the famous Mumbai Street Food
bollywood martini ( bombay sapphire gin/bols yoghurt liqueur/mango pulp/homemade garam masala syrup/star anais)
tamarind mint julep ( jack daniels/ mint leaves/lime/tamarind pulp/crushed ice/fresh tamarind)
curry leaf and coriander martini ( grey goose vodka/curry leaves/coriander/lillet rose/lime juice)
plantation daquiri ( plantation 5 year old barbados rum/mahini coconut rum,plantation overproof trinidad rum/trois rivieres sugar cane/lime twist/air dried coconut)
It’s my first baby step in starting something bigger so will really appreciate if you come and support me!
Here is a sneak peak of the photo shoot I did, video will follow 🙂
Look forward to see you all on 7th March at Camden!

Made it to The Independent!

Hey you lovely readers!

Guess what, this blog got mentioned in the Independent Newspaper on 21st December 2014. I was holidaying in New York then and it was a very pleasant surprise indeed! 🙂

Did any of you see it?

Shrimoyee Chakraborty, The Independent, Wealth Check, Food Blog, Food Pop Up, London
Shrimoyee Chakraborty


Btw, I am planning to start a pop up in the next couple of weeks and would love to see you there! I shall let you know about the dishes I am planning to prepare in advance 🙂




Death by Burrito at The Candlemaker Battersea

Pop up’s have become the new ‘MacBook’ in the world of foodies – It is cool to visit a Pop up instead of fine dining. I feel it’s a great thing because good food doesn’t always have to be Michelin star, I actually prefer a tasty meal than a beautiful looking meal and guess what going to a Pop saves you a ton of money too (Its cheap). The idea of Pop ups is definitely something I strongly support, I plan to start my own Street Food Pop Up sometime soon (watch out ;p) especially after visiting a few around London – Inspired and Motivated! 

Yesterday I was invited by the lovely Miss Cakehead (Emma) to try out one of London’s most exciting food Pop Up – Death by Burrito at The Candlemaker. Death By Burrito are making waves with their contemporary Mexican street food – hotdogs, burgers, unique Sunday specials and, of course, burritos. They started off at the hipster capital of London (Shoreditch of course) and now moved to the posh end of South London – Battersea! Very Cool, I say!

When I heard of The Candlemaker, the first thing I thought was where does the name come from and then Freddie, the manager who also resides just above the pub explained that it is inspired from the candle factory which operated for over a hundred years in nearby York Road. The bar has colourful pop-art and psychedelic imagery which gives it a very retro feel – Not your regular English Pub!

I had a great evening with a bunch of London Food and Drink Enthusiasts, there were not many of us but then Emma said she believed in quality over quantity (I love that I am considered as quality – woohoo). We were greeted with a refreshing lemon Margarita – an alcoholic slush with tequila, lemon juice and mints. I definitely needed it after a long day at work (yes, I have a full time job besides blogging) and you can see how much I enjoyed it from the photograph below. 

Shrimoyee, London Food Blogger, London Foodie, Food review, Shrimoyee Chakraborty
Drinking my Margatita

While we sipped on our cocktails and Modello (which was the choice of beer offered, I switched to it after my first cocktail) we were served nachos with guacamole. I loved the fact that the chef had added pomegranate to the avocado – very hipster! The pork belly and kimchi tacos followed soon after, which was quite a hit with the photographers specially because they looked absolutely stunning! When you are out for a meal with food bloggers, the unsaid rule is – you don’t pounce on the food before everyone has got that perfect photograph (for instagram and twitter ofcourse). The Baja Fish tacos followed soon after (my favourite of the lot) and this is something I have never had before – battered fish with tacos! You should definitely try it at home next time because its ridiculously simple to make but very contemporary at the same time (I definitely will try it at home soon). The (not so hot) chicken wings were also a big hit amongst everyone only till the REAL hot wings came – boy they were hot! Well I didn’t bother trying them after looking at the man who did manage to eat all 8 (which was the challenge) – he looked like he just got dumped, never seen a face as red as that. Finally we were served the mini burgers (which is the most popular thing in their menu) and people did get down and dirty so much so that we all started discussing the famous sexy (read provocative) burger commercials. My favourite one definitely is the Western Bacon Burger commercial with super model Padma Laxmi (It is one of the most viewed ad on youtube). 

After feasting and drinking for a good 2.5 hours I was a happy girl with a full tummy. I would definitely recommend people to try out this awesome Mexican Pop up, but if you are not a fan of Mexican food then you should definitely visit The Candlemaker its an awesome pub with really friendly people! 

Verdict : Great food , lovely ambience and amazing people!